Saturday, February 9, 2013


Well hello Joe, what do you know?
Please allow me to introduce myself and the purpose of this blog. I am a hobbyist- historian, collector, and reenactor. As with many other like minded hobbyists, my interests are varied, and cover numerous eras, conflicts, and nations. This blog is for sharing the study of the U.S. Army experience in World War II, in particular the men, equipment, battles, and achievements of the 70th Infantry Division "Trailblazers".
I am drawn to the story of the 70th Infantry Division as one of the all to often overlooked units of the Army filled with not just career soldiers, but of volunteers, and especially draftees. These divisions are rarely represented at reenactments, talked about in documentaries, or paid homage to in history books. Their personal stories are typically constrained to their family members or inner circles of friends at the local American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars hall.
As stated at the beginning, this blog will eventually contain various items of interest for the 70th Infantry Division from how they lived, to what they wore, where they were, and to what they accomplished. Please feel free to provide comment [or correction] on the material presented as the fostering of comradeship is always welcomed and appreciated!

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  1. Hello, I am trying to research the unit that my uncle was in in WW 2. I have a picture of him with the 70th division patch on his shoulder. ( the one with the hachett, pine tree, and Mount Hood.) The only problem is he was drafted from Arizona and served in New Guinea and the Philippines. How do you think that could of happened? I would appreciate any info you might have.