Friday, March 8, 2013

Into the Fire

Full Title: Into the Fire: 275th Infantry Regiment in World War II

Author: Tim Desiderio
Illustrated by Roy T. Veary

Publisher: Trafford Publishing (2004)
377 pages; 59 photographs; 33 illustrations;
Contents: Before the Fire; Europe's Inferno; Toward the Fire; Into the Fire; Through the Fire; After the Fire; Battlefield Commissions; Decorations; The Price of Victory
     The book is a nicely printed in large format on plain paper pages. The cover is glossy and bound tight and clean. The text is large print and easy on the reader's eyes. All photographs are clear and appear to be carefully chosen to ensure such. The illustrations are mostly maps with unit dispositions and axis of advance with the remainder being images representing the accompanying text. All maps are pertinent and do well to relay a better understanding to the numerous unit actions.
     The author's military experience is quite evident through his use of military terminology and a keen understanding of tactical maneuvering. His writing is quite readable and is without backtracking or re-covering of previously presented ideas. The text is accompanied with numerous footnotes showing his desire to present an accurate picture of the events as they actually occurred. Overall, I was exceedingly pleased with this purchase and recommend it to not just those seeking out information on the 70th Division, but insight in general on what it was like for those divisions who were raised in the later stages of the mobilization period.

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